About Us

Not only is Bid Hub the first of its kind, but it was also created by people with years of experience in both contracting and home building. Between the four founding partners we have a combined 65+ years experience of being in the contractors side of residential home building and building plenty of homes of our own throughout the years. We know firsthand what can help grow your business and find more work.

The idea came to us when we realized there was a massive need for something like this in the industry. One of the team members owned and operated a subcontracting company for 30+ years. The other three team members have “grownup” within the construction industry as well. Through our combined experience in the construction industry we knew that there could be a better way to connect builders and contractors in residential construction. And that is when Bid Hub was born.

what we do

With this new online bidding portal, BidHub, we hope to bring both of said parties mentioned together in one portal. The residential home builders will be wowed with the simplicity it is to upload project documents in one website. Not only is the initial uploading simple, but it opens up bidding to everyone on the site and home builders can obtain contractors based on their pricing that meets their budget; as well as expand their business relationships to new contractors.

Our Mission

BidHub’s mission is to serve as a bridge between  those that need a job completed and those that need work.  BidHub services benefit home builders, contractors, homeowners, and subcontractors alike with a seamless user experience.  We are constantly evolving our services to work best with your needs.




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