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BidHub is the newest innovation of incorporating an online bidding platform for all jobs needing bids within the construction industry. BidHub services are for those looking to get bids on new projects, known as the “Biddee”, (home builders, homeowners, etc.) as well as those who would like to bid for new work and expand their business, known as the Bidder, (residential contractors, sub-contractors, etc). This is the first online bidding community between both said parties currently on the market. As such, BidHub will significantly benefit both the Biddee and the Bidder by providing them an online portal where live bids can be awarded, money can be saved, time can be better spent, and businesses can capitalize based on their membership.

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With an easy to use online portal, this bidding community will connect all businesses within the construction industry.  Whether it’s those that are needing to find companies to bid on projects (“Biddees”) OR those wanting to find new projects to bid on (“Bidders”).  Plans can easily be downloaded and uploaded at any time which helps eliminate the need for cold calling, marketing, and/or extensive research from both parties.  


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