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Graco Ultimate MX II 1095 ProContractor Premium Electric Commercial 2-Man Airless Paint System

Bob Burgess

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(405) 923-5856

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Oklahoma, USA

BRAND NEW! NEVER USED! GRACO Ultimate MX II 1095 Premium Electric Commercial 2-Man Airless Paint System with ALL EXTRAS: Cart with QuickReel Hose Winder Extra Gun & 50' Hose (total of 2 Guns with Tips and 2 Hoses) Extra New Pump This 2013 2-Man System doesn't have ceramic pump pistons like the new Ultra Max II, but it won't cost you $6,764.08 (tax included) either! So you and your partner bring us $4,250 cash and save over $2,500! Transfer of cash funds for goods will take place during Mon.-Fri. Business Hours at our bank just off I-40 in West OKC. If you can find a BRAND-SPANKING NEW, NEVER USED, NEXT TO TOP-OF-LINE GRACO PREMIUM 2-MAN AIRLESS SYSTEM WITH ALL EXTRAS INCLUDED for less than $4,250, you'd better jump on it. $4,250 firm, or if you can furnish us a copy of your current valid State Sales Tax Exempt Certificate, $3,912.50 cash.


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