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American Global Security San Diego

American Global Security San Diego

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1641 31st St, San Diego, CA 92102, USA

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AGS is now offering Armed Security Services in San Diego. Our security guard services provide an additional layer of protection for customers requiring heightened security measures. Here are a few defining characteristics of our armed security services: Armed Security Guards With Extensive Training Our armed security guards undergo extensive training that exceeds standard security protocols. They receive specialized instruction in firearms handling, use of force, de-escalation techniques, and legal obligations. Our armed security guards are licensed experts who have demonstrated proficiency with firearms. The presence of armed security guards can serve as a powerful deterrent against potential threats. Our armed guards project a visible and commanding presence, discouraging criminal activity and promoting a safe and secure environment. Their training and expertise enable them to effectively respond to any critical situations that may arise. At AGS, we place a premium on establishing lasting relationships with our customers. To ensure that your security service needs are met, we place a premium on providing excellent customer service, maintaining open communication, and collaborating with you. Our guards are trained to interact with clients, visitors, and employees in a professional and courteous manner, creating a welcoming and secure environment.